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saffair fake

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I am presently wearing a ruby in gold for right ring finger. I need guidenace, in life, too many complex issues, to mention. I will glady e-mail you privately.

What about my future i m working in pvt co as a manager and want to do buisness on my own can i get sucess or would job all over life and i am wearing yellow sapphire Guru on my first finger.

At present my family is suffering lot from illness and there is no piece in family. Our House is south facing. My Date of birth is 16 June, and Place of birth is yavatmal,Maharashtra and time of birh is Pls advice me how my life will be and which gem is should wear if recommended.

Nameste, My name is neetu. My date of birth is 15,Feb,, Birth Time is Regularly i have traing to win lottary but not successful. So please help me.

Respected sir, Please help me by analysing my birth details and charts. But no one could tell me why i should do this remedy logically and scientifically.

Which Career suits me the best? Which gem stone is Favourable for me and which gem stone is not favourable for me?

Sir, i tell you about the positions of my planets in the chart which variuous astrologers have suggested me. While askinf about one says tehnical, another says water related works, third one says related to land and farming, 4th one says real estate,politics.

Sir my details are: I got first break in my studies at the age of I am waiting for your reply sir. Sir plese clear all my doubts and make my life movable.

I really will be highly thankful to you for this act of kindness. Facing lots of trouble by siniors at work. This has been forever. Will my anger cool of when my Mangal becomes Soumya?

I am facing lot of problem , could u tell me please please when i will get a job and how is my future. I am wearing Diamond ring in my middle finger in right hand and Emerald ring in my little finger in right hand.

Basically I want to shift one of the rings to my left hand. Some years ago, a famous astrologer prescribed me gomedak ring to wear for Rahu shanthi, saying it would improve my marriage prospects.

It is three years now since im wearing that ring and have had no luck so far. So i removed the ring from my finger recently. However, my mother insists that I wear it, so i consulted another astrologer who said it would be good to wear it, but wear it on the right hand middle finger I was wearing it on the left hand before.

My birth details are: I would be deeply grateful if you kindly provide me with a solution to this issue. Please if you could tell me if I should wear pearl ring and in which finger?

I have been advised to wear moti and I have already acquired a ring and moti of 7. All of sudden in June i lost my Job, and currently fighting a law suit with the same company and also same month i caught my GF cheating on me.

I am very depressed and cannot trust anyone! Can i wear the gomedh again? Will i be able to start any business? Please advise Thanks a billion!

I am a software engineer and i want to build up my carrier. My DOB is and have born in India. So will u help me, Sir in saying about my gemstone and about my lucky metal.

It should be lucky in all aspects. I have born on 8th july , time at night 8. I really like your website and have found it very informative.

Could you please advise me on what gemstone and what finger to wear it on, that will bring me the most luck.

And is there a gemstone that I should not be wearing? Hello Sir, Plz suggest me about when to wear neelam. Also the related mantra and in which finger of which hand.

This neelam is for my husband. My date of birth is 12th April Currently nothing seems to be going my way. Whatever i do i am perceived wrong and not getting returns as it should be.

Could you please let me know if Neelam will be okay to wear. Someone suggsted me to wear Neelam. My Date of birth is 8th. November , at I am passing through a bad time, as I have been deceived plenty of money by some hackers unidentified.

Sir, I have been trying on many plans, but a single is not clicking. I have a very poor earning potential, and my health is also not good.

Some astrologers told me that my time for the next 18 years is very bad, as I am passing under the Influence of Saturn.

My Date of birth is at Calcutta, at Regards, Sanjib Kumar Banerjee. Hi Sir, I am Priti working Pune as a software professional. At start it was dark blue like peacoke neck in color…but day day by day it becomes too dark so as to look like black.

So is it ok??? Are stone changes thier color??? Can emerald be worn with pearl? Nothing prospective and i have turned 32 yrs, and not much satisfaction in my Job also.

Hi, when will i get a job? Please can you tell me about my future career. I am 28 years old, facing the problem of Stammering from the last 18 years.

I have tried every thing but every thing failed to cure my Stammering. Can you suggest any remedies. In my kundali is Vasuki Kalsharp yoga, i face more probleme in my life.

Guruji, I am going though a bad patch now as I had a good job and lost it in May. I am looking out for jobs and nothing coming though.

A family friend advised me to wear phukraj on my index finger and ruby on my ring finger. Which I have been wearing it for 3 weeks now. I was advised to wear a pearl silver ring on my ring finger.

My birthday is Feb 21, time 1: Can you please tell me the effects and benefits of wearing this ring? Thank you and God bless! I am Ajith born in Kerala in a place called Kunnamkulam in Thrissur district on 8th September, , time at 2 nazhiga 33vinazhiga before sunrise.

I am facing problem in my career especially on stability front. I had consulted few gemologists and they had suggested to wear ruby 1ct on the ring finger on the right hand, coral with silver and yellow sapphire.

And i would like to know if i have kaal sarp dosha or not. Please tell me its effects, and remedies if possible along with type of stones i should wear.

I was also told to wear diamond in gold to my middle finger and wore it and i had seen bad results,so i took it away now.

Guruji namaste , My Birth Date: Dear Sir, I was born on March 15th in sailkot Pakistan. Please help me how will i control my angerness thanking you in advance.

Hi, I am facing lot of problems. I am always misunderstood by everyone in house which makes me alone. This is affecting my work as well relationship in house..

My DOB is 8th July Kindly let me know the suitable stone or stones combination. My DOB is I am extremely depressed with my financial situation.

Kindly advice urgently please. My name is Preman. I am wearing a Emrald in GOld on my right finger. I am working in a small firm as a Technician.

I want to start My own businsess, will I be successful. What must I do. When must I start it. I never felt secured and facing many problems, financial loss.

Very confused about making decisions, not very happy with my present Job — how should i plan, how are the career propects ahead. Presently I am away from home.

As per hospital records it is Dear Sir, My D. Please advice which gem stone and how much carrat i can wear to avoid this problem.

Thank you for your infomation. Need advise regarind my marraige , business and family happiness , would also like know the gems i need to wear or not.

I have got this degree in December , since then I am looking for a job, but I have not find anything. So, I would like to know that when will I get the job of my education.

I am also doing my Master of Science degree in Accoutancy. I request your suggestions in chosing the right gemstone for myself.

I have gone through a lot in life. I have had to restart my entire career and have faced quite a lot of ups and downs in the past. I want an ideal gemstone which will help me in being successful in work, help me in achieve fame, wealth and recognition and power.

Iam a hardworking man and I beleive there is no substitution for hardwork but I have also heard of the powers of the gemstones. Please help me in chosing the right stone.

Hoping to hear from you at the earliest. Hi Sir, I am Amit Saxena,born on 19th sept some astrologer told me to wear blue sapphire,Plz suggest wheter blue sapphire is the right gem for me.

Born in srinagar , Jammu and kashmir. Presenntly i am wearing a 5. Hi, My DOB is , I have completed my BE in ,but till now i did not got job. B is 5th feb at Dear Sir,I was born on 22nd November at 8.

In seventh house is ketu, In eigth house there is Jupiter, ninth house is vacant in tenth house there is moon in eleventh there is Saturn,Budh and venus and in 12th house there is sun.

For the last about years I am facing acute difficuly in career and sliding down year after year. So much dis satisfied is the sitaution that I have brought to the lowest and almost lostevery thing.

My much junior person has been brought in above me due to political reasons. This persons abuses me and my parents and humiliates me day in and day out with the intesion to oust me from the present job as he fears i may not tpple him or may emerge as a parrellel force in the work place and wants to snub me and put me out from each and every activity by hook or crook.

I am having distubance on account of the above which has resulted in lost of health,postion and heavy losses financially.

I am a very disheartenedand sad person in life which is disturbed. My son is also not getting desired results and my wife is also not in good health and suffering from multiple ailments.

My effprts for change in job has also not resulted in any result so far. I may be advised what to do and what stone to wear so that I get some peace and come up in my career and also save from continous losses in financial position.

I have been wearing topaz in right hand index finger and an iron ring of horse in the right hand middle finger as well.

I shall be grateful for an early response with full advice as to what should I do, and what actions should be takenor what should be worn or what puja should be performed to get rid of the evil sitauation.

After I left job my health stomach pain deteriorated but nothing could be detected. I had a fracture of hip bone due to this.

I had to undergo emmergency nailing operation. Financial position is going bad to worse after this. Is my time of birth correct?

Sir, I am wearing white sapphire in index finger and emerald on little finger also an Steel ring in saturn finger DOB: Shailesh Poojari my date of birth is time: As i am born taurean, neelam is considered as the best stone for me.

Will it work for me? If yes, how much carat should i wear? Hi My date of birth is 21 july place delhi time 9: Dear Sir, I was born on 08 Jul at am in kota rajasthan, I would be grateful if you could kindly let me know which gemstone i should wear to have mental peace.

Moti pearl as suggested has not been able to help me out, I would really be greatful for your help regards rohit.

I was born in Delhi, India on July 28, at I would like to know how my married life is going to be? Which gemstone should I wear to make him come back to me and to have a peaceful happy married life.

Please do answer my question. I really appreciate your help. Dear Sir, I have gone through the site and it looked quite intresting to me.

He recommanded me yellow sapphire and shani ring to wear. Before buying these things I want to make it confirm that his recommandations are okay.

Please help me in this. I have had a lot of hardships in the past 2 and a half years and now I seem to be going backwards as far as career is concerned.

I hope you can help me find a way forward. I have tried to utilize the free birth chart feature but it does not seem to be working on my computer.

I am going under a bad period of time. Please advise us about the bad period we have to go through. My Husband Birth Time: My Daughter Birth Time: Between 09 to 12 am, In Morning.

Sir , i am going through great suffering for the past 10 years, please recommend gem stones for me. Hi, I lost my job in December Havent got a job since.

My DOB is February 16 , 3. Can you please suggest a rememdy so that i can get a job. Hi, I am now in great financial problem. Can u help Me?

I can pay your fee too if u ask for. Till now everything has gone wrong for me in my personal and professional life. Please suggest if i need to wear a stone and which one.

I am going through a very bad phase of life. My health as well as business is not going as smooth as it used to. Which stone should I wear?

Iam facing health problems one after the other from past 1 year and still on medication,career delay,financial problems,awaiting your reply at the earliest.

Mail me the reply. My birth date is: Please show me the way. Hello — you seem very knowledgeable regarding remedies for rough planetary times.

Can you recommend a remedy or explain what to do to resolve financial difficulties? I have had a lot of hardships in the past 6 and a half years and now I seem to be going backwards as far as career is concerned.

Dear Sir, I am having real difficulty in financial. Place of birth is Johor bahru, Malaysia. An astrologer told me that my gemstone is Ruby.

But can I wear a Blue Saphire on my middle finger? I hope you can provide me an answer? Thank you very much.

Please do email me at: Could you plz tell what are the gemstones i should wear for business improvments and family relations.

It will benifit you in no way but add more msery. I am busy these days but keep in touch i will tell you what Gem should be worn.

There are charts no Gem is needed but Astrologers wants money so they give you any opinion. They themselves cannot predict own chart.

I am an advocate by profession but for some reason have not been able to achieve equivalent to those who are junior to me.

I have more than necessary qualifications and foreign degrees as well. My birth date is May 26, Please advice me if by wearing any particular gem stone my situation will improve as per my worth.

I born on 16 August Birth Time is 8. Katni, Madhya Pradesh, India. Hope you can tell me. Your help is deeply appreciated sir. November 05 Place of birth: Seremban, Malaysia Time of birth: Born at Gulabrga, Karnataka at I married a girl recently.

My DOB is 9th May, at I am passing through bad phases from last year like: I am not sure how and when I can comeout from this situation and problem with my daughter will be resolved.

And she will get married. Thanks and regards kumar. S , my date of birth is 12 may For over all well being what stone is recommended.

I Born at Bikaner Rajsthan date of birth at I am in trubbled since 2 year for Financial problam. I would like to know about my future i. I will be grateful if you could suggest remedial measures also.

Sir, my married life is devasted. Paras female Date of birth Darya Ganj Delhi Which gem stone suits me. Rajpal Singh Sodhi 11;11; time of birth between 4am to 4: Please advice me which gemstone should i wear?

B is 10th Oct, My business is not going well. Please suggest me what to do? ANy gem stone or any? B but in three months doesnot work please suggest me?

Date of Birth — 11th January Birth Time — My brother born It is also very difficult to find a marriage alliance for him. Our father suffers from psychiatric illness and mother has always been disease ridden.

Can you please let us know if there is hope for my brother? Will be very grateful for your guidance. I am a very hardworking guy. Would like to know about my career prodpects.

Do I need to wear a gem stone? My family left Sri Lanka soon after i was born and I only speak english, so it has been difficut to communicate with someone in India or Sri Lanka reguarding my chart, and the meaning of it and my future.

My dob is 9th nov time 8: Should I buy again Please suggest. Iam going through kinda say Mid-life crisis in all angles of my life.

Family crisis and work related Crisis. Would really appreciate it. Hi I am a female born on I would like to know about my career prospects and if I would remain in job or go in business.

Will I be successful in my career. Should I wear pukraj in Righthand or shift it to left hand. I have been wearing diamond rings on my middle as well as lttle fingers for 2 years now.

Please let me know whether it is a suitable gemstone for me. Following is information about me: Please suggest me the correct ring to be worn as per my horoscope.

Also minimum how many carats and which finger should it be worn. Hi I am Soma , 29 yrs , DOB , for last 5 years my parents and myself are trying for my marriage but no luck.

Carreer also seems to down. Some say I have kalsarp and sadhesati which is showing the effect. Iam zaiba arshad 18year old i want to no about the correct birth stone as per my horoscope my d.

I am hari singh bisht and born on at 5. I have not a permanent job till now and I know about my future and marrage arrange aur love money chances in future plz give me information.

October 1st, at I want this type of stone which help me to achieve govt job early. My Nick name is Nidhi.

My date of birth is 25th april, I dont know the time. How to improve my finances and to have a better future and be prosperous in life.

My date of birth is 27th May, I would like to receive your advice as to when to wear a yellow sapphire that my pandit has suggested.

He also suggested that I start wearing this on this Thursday, 15th October. However, I have seen in your article that it should be worn on a SHukla Pakshya.

Hi, my name is Kamalpreet Kaur. Born in Nawahsher, India at 4pm. Currently I am wearing yellow saphire and coral. I wanted to know if i need to add on another gem…pearl?

Please provide your suggestion. Namaskar sir my name is Abhijit from mumbai my detail is 15th June , I am an Aries Male.

But from starting onwards i observed a small round shaped crack on the perl. So i want to change the perl and also want to make it with gold ring.

Savita V Shetty Dob: I am a timber businessman and my business is going in loss from atleast 7 yrs. My time and date of birth is: Plz tell me a remedy.

Krishna Kumar R Dob: Currently i am wearing Yellow Sapphire on index fingure and Emerald on ring fingure. Dear sir, Name- Anita Date of birth Place of birth- Bangladesh , Dhaka.

Iam facing problem with my marriage and career also. Pls help me int his regads if i have any black art on me or not.

Pls suggest me any stone or anything which help me to remove frm problems. My financial condition is nt so good to buy costly stones.

I have been looking out for a match for her for the past 6 years with no results. Kindly advice what needs to be done.

Is she a manglik? Someone had advised that she should wear a yellow sapphire in gold in her right index finger. Is there anything that needs to be done in specific I am immensely disturbed.

Please tell me which gemstone should i wear and what should be its size. Can you please let me know what is the best suited gemstone for me?

And If possible, can you please let me know a bit about my future in terms success, career, married life, etc..?

Thank you very much in advance, Sir. My birth info is below:. I have been going through depression since last few days. I was earlier with banks and again want to get back to bank,but trying and not successful.

Also having marriage problems- divorce going on,will that settle? Have a daughter to look after. I do believe in God,pray but now a days even prayers have become less.

What to do to come out of these problems? Some one suggested me to wear Ruby,is it ok if i wear it,will it help? I am currently wearing neelam stone, not much effect.

My Family astrologer suggests me that just wear Yellow Sapphire. Everybody suggest me that to wear Red Corel but my family astrologer suggest me that do not wear Red Corel now because your Rashi is Aquarius and his lord is Saturn so Mars and Saturn is not good also according to your Mohadasha not required the red-Corel as our life stone.

You can wear moonstone and Yellow Sappier. Also lots of astrologer suggest me to wear Yellow Sapphire and Ruby. So please suggest clearly which will brings fortune for me in both monitory and fortune purpose.

I have a very monetary setback so I do not want to wear any wrong stone , which may drag me to hell. Hariprasad achari DOB and time: Srisailam, Kurnool District AP,.

Upupi Dist This is regarding my career. Lost job in July. Till now not able get any job. Wearing Yello saffair in Right Index finger.

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Von Anfang an hatte ich ein ungutes Gefühl. Was habt ihr für schlechte erfahrungen gemacht? Ich glaube auch nicht mehr, dass mein jetziger Partner und ich für einander geschaffen sind, da wir seit einem Jahr zusammen wohnen und es nicht so ist, wie ich es mir vorgestellt habe, da wir uns oft streiten, er sich sich keine Mühe mehr gibt z. Grundsätzlich kann man drei Arten von Fakeprofilen unterscheiden: Manche seiner Kollegen hätten nur abwertend gegrinst. Jetzt droht er mir mit Jugendamt weil ich angeblich Drogen nehmen sollte, was kann er erreichen? Hat mein Gegenüber wirklich Zeit und Geld in ein professionelles Shooting investiert oder handelt es sich nicht eher um kopierte Bilder aus dem Netz? Ich date nicht sofort, erstmal kennen lernen. Auf der anderen Seite eine lebensbejahende Kandidatin der Grünen, die in ihrer positiven Ausstrahlung geradezu ansteckend wirkte. Bernd Storm van's Gravesande, Gründer und Geschäftsführer des Kündigungsdienstes "aboalarm" , berichtet in loser Folge über Ärgernisse und Fallen, vor denen sich Verbraucher in Acht nehmen müssen.

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Bei professionellen Fotos, die zu schön wirken um wahr zu sein, sollten Nutzer skeptisch werden: Lieber eine nicht so hübsche Frau selbst anschreiben. Dies dient dazu, den Nutzern einen Chatpartner zu vermitteln, auch wenn nicht genügend Nutzer online oder registriert sind. Sogenannte Scammer, also Nutzer, die sich nur anmelden, um andere Nutzer davon zu überzeugen, ihnen Geld oder sensible Daten zu senden, sind ein Problem von vielen Online-Plattformen, bei denen Kommunikation das Ziel ist. Wie lange hat mein Chef denn nun Zeit. Ein riesiger Markt also, auf dem es um viel Geld geht.

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